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31 September 2006

Bradford Patrick
General Counsel
Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.
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Dear Mr. Patrick:

At 18:56, 23 September 2006 on, the lead-off article on Wikipedia's USAA looked like this (pdf version).

(The difficulty of reproducing wiki-html makes the graphic reproduction of what was written necessary: links to the actual pages and pdf copies are provided).

At 18:59, 23 September 2006 , Wikipedia's Gwernol (also perhaps) performed a workman-like job of wikifying and editing the lead-off article: as follows (pdf version);

(The citations Gwernol asked for are located in Chapter 1 of USAA - Life Story of a Business Cooperative and Chapter 1 of USAA - A Tradition of Service. More generally, anything that there is to be known about unincorporated reciprocal inter-insurance exchanges can be found in Dennis Reinmuth's book The Regulation of Reciprocal Insurance Exchanges.)

At 20:06, 23 September 2006, under color of Wikipedia policy, a USAA rent-a-shill, Swizzlez reverted the lead-off article to his version, as follows (pdf version):

Swizzlez, who upon information and belief is actually Duane Divich, seeks to suppress these three very important and inconvenient facts about USAA:

  1. The Reciprocal Interinsurance Exchange, United Services Automobile Association, is an unincorporated entity: it is not a corporation.
  2. The USAA Group which also purports to be a member-owned Fortune 500 Corporation is actually an unincorporated entity owned and controllled by one Robert G. Davis who refuses to tell his "membership" the even elemental facts about his salary.
  3. A law suit in progress, True v United Services Automobile Association, if the plaintiff prevails, will bring about the immediate collapse of United Services Automobile Association.

That is why Swizzlez, aka Duane Divich, is systematically reverting edits which deal with these three issues. Swizzlez is not alone.

Swizzlez acts for Robert G. Davis:

But, as it made clear on this page, Swizzlez also acts as if he speaks with the full force and authority of Jimbo Wales, the founder of Wikipedia: and if true, that could be a very serious problem.


The misson of Robert G. Davis' rent-a-shills is to suppress information about the vicious litigation Robert G. Davis prosecutes against his "members" and employees:

Some of the pages these rent-a-shills have tampered with are:
Archive08 (the USAA law department compelled to delete this archive)

What is notable about this group of fine upstanding wikipedians is that while they have ganged up on Robert J. Koenig, never tiring of naming him again and again: not one of them has ever identified himself/herself and stated his/her interest in the matter.

To the extent that Robert J. Koenig may have written anything about this matter (and Koenig is neither the exclusive nor the exhaustive author of all that that is critical of Robert G. Davis and USAA) - he is well identified and his interests in the matter are very very clear.

Case law is clear on persons who ride in the dark, incognito: those who ride at night wearing the white hood and burning crosses to frighten those who challenge their community of values should consider these Federal laws.

  • 18 USC § 1951 [Hobbs Act]
    18 USC § 241 [Conspiracy Against Rights]
    18 USC § 242 [Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law]
    18 USC § 245 [Federally Protected Activities]

The Wikimedia Foundation should consider those laws as well.


rent-a-shills THOR Mxx1 Amcbride Sampir (since disappeared)
(18 sep 06: Clip06 is back as Clip - will advise) Movementarian (fake id) Looper 5920 and this (wikinews) Mrmiscellanious (gratuitous comment) Sycthos Jasonm Gwernol (if you care to believe) LeyteWolfer FreplySpang Kaiwen1 Sherool Cyde BWD Stifle Antonrojo JesseW

13 September 2006 (roughly, in order of appearance) who is also Finlay_McWalter Swizzlez note NawlinWiki Gwernol NickW557 I@n FCYTravis Brownings (who returns, with a vengence) Looper5920 Lucasbfr (who returns, crawling sideways as always) Mmx1 (slithering, as is to be expected) Leyte Wolfer

rent-a-shills who participated, specifically, in shutting down the wikinews article on the legal case: True v. United Services Automobile Association Finlay_McWalter Ifnord ViolinGirl AlbertR Beathhawk Grutness King_of_Hearts Quarl Evil_Eye NeoJustin JHMM13 Carnildo,_you_know? Just_zis_Guy,_you_know? Kaushik_twin MisterHand Cyberevil Incognito (already gone) (already gone) TheRingess Naconkantari Natalinasmpf Nilfanion

Rent-a-shills who participated, specifically, in shutting down the wikisource references on the legal case: True v. United Services Automobile Association BirgitteSB Zscout370 [busy little critter] NawlinWiki Carnildo (very active prior to this incident)

special note on BirgitteSB: BirgitteSB's blocking uploading of important public documents is reminiscent of Nazi and hard-line Communist censors. What is fascinating and interesting about BrgitteSB is that this person believes that he/she has the right to determine what the public and USAA subscribers will be allowed to read about United Services Automobile Association. Any documents which involve the True v USAA lawsuit or which provide the documentary evidence that USAA is unincorporated will be struck down by BirgitteSB. Note that BrgitteSB, like every other Robert G. Davis rent-a-shill on this page, travels incognito, wearing a white hood, like a Mufti.

Wikipedia administrators (purported and otherwise) who also seem to be USAA shills. Superm401 (blocked upload of complaint in True v United Services Automobile Association at wikisource) BirgitteSB

[note: the indexed complaint in True v United Services Automobile Association is very large and slow to download - be patient]. Chiacomo Stifle

from September 13th, 2006 on: Gwernol (shut down Urban Superintendents Association of America) Naconkantari (shut down work on Reciprocal Interinsurance Exhanges) at 09:15 GMT, 25 Sep 2006) Moriori (reverted work at Unincorporated Reciprocal Inter-insurance Exchange) Tawkerbot4 (instantaneously reverted edits at

14 September 2006 saw the beginning of new criminal mischief by certain USAA-paid wiki administrators: the suppression and wholesale deletion of these pages which are set up in preparation for a USAA disambiguation page:

  • USAA [[United Scenic Artists of America]]
    USAA [[United Services Automobile Association]]
    USAA [[United Sports Athletic Association]]
    USAA [[United States Achievement Academy]]
    USAA [[United States Air-Table-Hockey Association]]
    USAA [[United States Aircraft Appraiser Company]]
    USAA [[United States Albacore Association]]
    USAA [[United States Apple Association]]
    USAA [[United States Apnea Association]]

    USAA [[United States Arbitration Act of 1925]]
    USAA [[United States Armwrestling Association]]
    USAA [[United States Axemen's Association]]
    USAA [[Urban Superintendents Association of America]]

    USAA [[United States Astronautic Agency]]